Frequently Asked Questions


Six lanes are planned, three in each direction, from Broadway Boulevard to Interstate 10. There has been much growth along Houghton Road, and traffic is increasing rapidly.

Will sidewalks be added to the road?

Improvements to Houghton Road will include pedestrian facilities on both sides of the road. One side will consist of a sidewalk, the other side will have a multi-use path.

Will bike lanes be added to the roadway?

Continuous bike lanes will be added to the roadway for both directions of travel.

Will there be bus service along Houghton Road?

A Sun Tran Park & Ride was constructed at the intersection of Broadway Boulevard and Houghton Road. Sun Tran Route 7 runs from 22nd Street to Broadway and Sun shuttle 450 (a smaller bus) runs along segments of Houghton between Irvington Road and Rita Ranch. Bus pullouts are being added to each roadway segment in anticipation of Sun Tran increasing bus service along Houghton Road sometime in the future.

Will intersections have new traffic signals?

Signals will be added or upgraded at major intersections.

What kind of landscaping is planned?

Landscaping plants are selected from among drought-tolerant species, but selection of specific types of plants and landscape design will occur during the detailed design phase of each segment. Water harvesting features are being incorporated into the roadway design where possible to capture rainwater to assist growth of landscape plantings.

Will there be more public art?

Yes. The RTA directs that 1% of construction funds be used for public art. The Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona ( is directing the process and community involvement in selecting artists for each project.

What is being done to prevent flooding?

Drainage structures and landscape design features are planned to handle stormwater and minimize ponding or flooding. The drainage facilities are being designed to handle up to a 100-year flood.

What methods are being used to reduce noise?

A type of rubberized asphalt is being used throughout most of the Houghton Road Corridor to decrease roadway noise. During design, traffic noise studies are being conducted to determine if additional noise mitigation is needed.